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Managing Director, Tony Walker, believes an opportunity exists to form a manufacturing group within the Forfar Business Initiative; an opportunity to exchange challenges and experiences, learn from each other, and share training resources.

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David Ritchie ImplementsEstablished over a century ago, we maintain an outstanding reputation of providing excellent goods and services to a wide range of industries. We have a long established association with agriculture, and continue to offer an extensive range of specialist equipment for the 21st century farming industry . However, over the last three decades, we have also become a major player in the supply of innovative material handling and storage solutions for the offshore, gas and chemical, security, medical, defence and utility markets.



We offer 21st century farmers a comprehensive range of equipment including, bale handling systems, livestock, grassland and arable equipment as well as our 'Tubar’ gate range. Our livestock equipment includes innovative products for cattle, sheep and pigs.




For offshore service providers and leasing operators, we offer a comprehensive range of containers, cargo baskets and gas racks and bundles all certified to either DNV 2.7-1 or BS EN 12079. We can also take projects to from specification to delivery applying design, FEA and testing ensuring you get a competitive but compliant solution.

 Industrial gas

Our range of industrial gas cylinder racks, pallets and packs cover all your cylinder handling and storage needs. We have 30 years experience with developing and supplying innovative solutions to the gas and chemical industry and can ensure your product is designed and tested to accommodate all necessary regulations and specifications.




We offer a wide range of security access and storage equipment from opportunist to bandit to anti-terrorist level. Cages, compounds, enclosures and access covers can all be supplied from our standard range, however we can also design and supply security solutions to fit your particular needs. Our range includes LPCB certified equipment.

 Material handling



We provide safe, innovative and competitive solutions to many complex material handling problems. Apart from the areas above we have provided bespoke designed and tested equipment to the automotive and glass industries and military mobile spares systems.


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